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Writing a thesis is individual research, creative or design-engineering task, which is performed by a student at the final stage of training and is a form of disclosure of theoretical and practical knowledge, the ability to use them in solving specific scientific, technical, and economic problems, social and productive.

The main objectives of the work:

  • systematization, consolidation, and expansion of theoretical knowledge about the level of education and qualifications of the specialist;
  • promotion of a problem that has not been sufficiently discussed in the scientific literature;
  • identification and introduction into scientific circulation of new sources of information and on this basis new facts;
  • creating new connections between known phenomena;
  • independent conclusions, recommendations on the use of the proposed materials, and conclusions in science and practice.

Modern students cannot always afford the luxury of gnawing on the granite of science 24 hours a day without being distracted by anything else. Research shows that the vast majority of students (especially seniors) are forced to work. This is due not only to the need to earn a living but also to the fact that university graduates without work experience are highly valued in the labor market, employers often prefer more experienced peers.

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